Important Things You Must Know About A Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair trade is actually a model of ethical and sustainable practices that gives priority to planet and people. On buying something that is certified by “Fair Trade”, you are doing good for the planet as well as for those who are producing it. Chocolates also come as a Fair-Trade product. Let us know something more about it.

What led to creation of Fair-Trade certifications?

In the 1990s, around 90% of the entire cocoa that was consumed by the private label specialist and chocolate making industry was grown on small sized family managed farms. Most of cacao cultivators did not have any idea about the place where their cocoa beans were transported and their worth. Farmers were getting low prices in comparison to the amount of effort they put in and the fertilizers that they were using. This led to shortage of labor and increased slave and child labor.

This led to the creation of Fair-Trade certification to overcome these issues. On buying chocolate certified with this certification, you support dedicated efforts of farmers and intermediaries to enhance the living quality of farmers, families and working conditions.

Benefits of Fair Trade to cocoa cultivators:

Fair Trade supports cocoa growers in a multitude of ways. These are:

Supports Community Projects

It ensures the good living quality of farmers. For every Fair-Trade chocolate that gets sold, an additional money is paid to the Community Development Fund. This money goes to the farmer group. By receiving this money, the community of farmer decides on how to use it. It can be used to improvise their lives or to fulfill distinctive social, environmental and economic, needs. Farmers can use this money to assist in funding clinics, schools and building train workers, infrastructures, and bringing safe and pure drinking water.

Formation of farmers associations

The Fair-Trade certification promotes associations of farmers that have the ability to result in the formation of associations and cooperatives. This assist farmer groups to negotiate to get better prices for their products.

Ensure fair compensation

This assures that each and every farmer should be given a minimum price for the product that they cultivate. Fair Trade establishes a minimum price that can be used by cocoa farmers to be paid per ton. They would either get the Fair-Trade minimum or a market price, whichever is more.


Fair Trade model works for the welfare of farmers and their association. It helps in combatting child labor and other forms of injustice prevailing with respect to farming. All these noble works make it important that every person should support this model.