Mistakes People Make While Purchasing Gold Jewelry

Buying gold is no easy task and when you are purchasing gold ornaments, you not only have to look at the design of the product but there are many more aspects that have to be considered.

  • Purity – If you have your grandma or mother’s jewelry, you will notice the ornaments have no markings that talk about their certification and purity. But we are well aware that when you buy new jewelry, it comes with a purity mark. There are many jewelers in the business who still do not provide the mark of purity and offer gold at cheaper rates. In order to make sure that your ornament has pure gold; it is necessary that when you place an order or buy a new piece of gold ornament, ensure that your jeweler provides the purity mark.
  • Resale Value – Gold ornaments are not just to be used as accessories but also for security. Many buy the ornaments without enquiring about the resale value of the ornament. Knowing the resale value of your gold will help you stay aware of the price of your gold in the market as well as become very helpful in judging the amount you should invest in it. So when you buy gold, don’t hesitate to know the resale value of it.

  • Bargain- Majority of the buyers believe that the price of gold is non-negotiable and therefore they never try to negotiate the price of their ornament or gold item they purchase. Surely the price of gold is non-negotiable but you can negotiate the making charges. Your jeweler charges a certain amount for a certain weight of gold that is being purchased. You can compare and bargain with the jewelers for the making charges and this can do wonders for the overall budget.
  • Avoid Stones- We love gold earrings designs if they are studded with precious stones and diamonds, the entire look and cost of the ornament reach another level. But this is the exact same thing you have to avoid because it is very difficult to determine the purity of the stones and diamonds. Studded ornaments have higher making charges as compared to the pure gold ornaments. If you want a studded ornament, make sure to ask the weight of gold that has been used in the ornament so that you don’t incur losses while selling the item.